Top Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing

Benefits of WhatsApp Bulk Sender

Take your business to the next level by taking advantage of the benefits offered by bulk message sender application. Social media platforms are the prime medium for communication these days and to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to make use of such tools. Here are the prime benefits of using WhatsApp sender software:

  • Customer Engagement

    Customer engagement gets enhanced and improved as the application makes it possible to reach a wide base of people.

  • Brand Positioning

    You improve your customer base, which means you also improve the position of your brand in the market as now your product is more visible.

  • CRM Management

    Managing customer relations for making your brand more customer friendly is important to improving sales.

  • Team Building

    Use the paltform for creating a strong team that is engaging, interactive and always coming up with new ideas.

  • Tracking Location

    Share the location of your business to let customers/clients reach the destination in a hassle-free manner. The easier it is for the customers to reach you, the better would be the business potential.

  • Analytics

    Analytics is critical to understanding whether or not a particular message has been read by a client or customer.

  • Send Catalog / Brochures / Ebooks

    Bulk WhatsApp sender software helps send to customers details about promotional events, fliers, activities and brochures with ease.

    Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software for Marketing in 2021

    • Whatso
    • WappBlaster
    • WhatSender
    • Rapid Planner
    • Allwebmart
    • Enjay World
    • WAAM-it
    • RapBooster
    • WhatsApp Bulk Sender
    • Viking
    • WhatsApp SMS Myntra
    • WhatsHash
    • Q-Sender.Pro
    • WebXion
    • WhatsMarketing Software
    • Meshink
    • Lead Myntra
    • Sirena
    • HubSpot Marketing Automation
    • AutoBlast Messenger
    • PreBuilt Marketing
    • WhatsApp Business API Sandbox
    • Whappext

    Using unethical WhatsApp marketing tools such as WhatsApp bulk sender apks can be tricky as they might result in blacklisting your number.

    However, if you use any of the 18 free and open source WhatsApp marketing software, you can reach out to your consumers with the right marketing message.


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