How To Start Your Import Export Business

  • Steps to Starting an Import/Export Business

    Company Registration


    Product Selection

    Market Selection

    Product Knowledge

    Supplier Identification

    Manufacture Unit Vist

    Negotiation / Deal With Supplier


    RCMC Registation

    Identifying Buyer

    Generate Inquiry

    Quotation / Sample Sending

    Performa Invoice / Payment Terms / Production 


    Excise Clearance

    Ideantify CHA

    Arrangment Of Transportation

    Custom Clearance

    Arrange Shipping Line

    Transproration Documentation

    Bill Of Lading By Sea / Airway

    Preparation Bank Documentation

    Government Benefit

    On Site Inspection

    Shipment & Follow up With Supplier

    Relesing Document Form Bank

    Import Custom


    Payment Of Import Duty

    Releasing Cargo For Shipping Line

    Arrange Local Transport

    Delivery Of Goods



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